June 27, 2015 Ueno Zoo Field Trip – Come “Monkey Around” with us

MPIJ will be having a field trip on Saturday, June 27th, 2015 to the Ueno Zoo.  The more the merrier, and ALL are welcome.

1) This will be a not-for-profit adventure, meaning families will pay their own way for admission and nourishment. as will the MPIJ Staff Members and Volunteers.

2) We can meet in front of the “Big Panda” at Ueno Station at 10:30 am, or we can travel together to the zoo from Roppongi Station, with all of us piling into the same train at 9:45 am or so.

3) Folks that are driving will have to fend for themselves with zoo- parking, as train-travel is the mode I am most familiar with.

4) Please contact Bill Ward at 090-9349-2058, or bward@mpij.us, for clarification, or for any questions you may have.  日本語もできます。

5) We will enter the zoo around 11:00 am, have some fun with some animal-watching, have lunch inside the zoo somewhere, and finish-up around 2:00 pm or so.

6) Of course, folks can attend earlier, or stay later at the zoo.  Also, if 11:00 am is not the best time for you and your family to start the Zoo Adventure, you can meet us all inside the zoo.

Contact Mobile Number:  Bill Ward, at 090-9349-2058

Please send a message to bward@mpij.us to let us know you may be interested in joining, so we can begin to organize volunteers, as needed.

Thank You/ありがとうございます/Gracias/Danke/Merci……


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