Ward-Wood Kinesthetic Growth Products


A variety of wooden products are, at-long-last, available for your purchase.  The goods are sorted into different categories.
Category 001 – Educational Products, Academic Accessories, QUAD-L Learning Goods.
Product Number:  WWKGP0001-OSK4cmWL      Description:  OSK 4 cm Wooden Letters, with 30 cm X 20 cm storage board.  Total pieces:  27.  26 letters (A-Z), plus storage board.
OK – so now you know what the letters look like.
26 letters solid wood letters are attractively packaged in a 30 cm X 20 cm storage board.
If you are able to zoom in on the photos, you will be able to appreciate the visible grain on each letter.
These photos show the complete set, a clever request, the direction growth occurs (up!), and the storage board with a few pieces missing to show depth and style of storage.
Sets are 1,500 yen, or US $15.00, greenbacks.
Ordering Instructions:
1) Email Bill Ward at bward@mpij.us and he will reply to you with product availability/lead-time.  Payment method and delivery logistics will also be worked out in a smooth, comfortable fashion.
2) Call Bill Ward at 090.9349.2058 (Tokyo JAPAN), and he will guide you through the process, from product clarification, onto payment method, touching upon delivery method, with the final ending place of the letters being in the eager hands of an excited, knowledge-thirsty child!
3) On-line/Mr. Roboto processing can be handled through PayPal.  Please follow this link to get started:

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