MPIJ Rates, Fees, Cost, Remuneration, Pricing Structure

MPIJ’s services are in the 10,000 yen per hour range, and for families on a tight/uncertain budget, a sliding scale and payment arrangements (BARTER SYSTEM) is in place to match individual circumstances.

Each student brings to the Learning Table both unique attributes & abilities,  as well as unique gaps in education/challenges.

As each Student’s gaps are narrowed, and in some cases filled, customized methods are used to match the individual STUDENT’s needs.

For folks interested in making payments through bank transfer:

Bank Information

Regular (Futsu) Account

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Account Number: 4763306

Branch Number: 570

MUFG – Azabu Branch

1-10-3 Azubu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045 JAPAN

Swift Code: BOTKJPJT

Home Address/Address on Bank Account:

Bill (William) Ward, C/O Otake

2-14-9 Tsukishima

Chuo-ku 104-0052


Home Phone: 03.3531.1587, Mobile: 090.9349.2058

The cost/payment from each family is ideally  matched with each family’s unique situation in a way that is FAIR for all concerned.

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