Mission Statements – Targets/Goals of MPIJ

2008 Mission Statement/Tag Line

iunctus pondera inter cosmos

United Balance Among the Cosmos

ユナイテッド 均衡 中には 宇宙

2009 Mission Statement/Tag Line

Academic Growth most efficiently takes place when new knowledge is linked/intergrated with existing knowledge.

2010 Mission Statement/Tag Line

MPIJ:  Narrowing the gap between potential and performance



2011 Mission Statement/Tag Line


Direct Translation:  If you sit on a rock for 3 years or more, it will get warm.

Growth-specific translation:  Don’t give up on new enterprises.   It often-times takes 3 years or more to become established.

MPIJ started in 2008; the year is currently 2011.  Slowly AND surely, credibility, continuity, and name-recongnition/word-of-mouth is being noticed.  Thank you to all who have read this far!

See you all in 2012, 100 years BEFORE Doremon’s birthyear.

Fun voluntary question:  who out there, of the screen-readers (yes, YOU!) know which month and day Doremon will be born in 2112?

The song, “Pappa Was a Rolling Stone” provides the answer in the opening words…….

2013, da yo.  5th year in Business.  1/20th of a century.  Year of the Snake.  Lucky 13.

2014 Mission Statement/Tag Line

January 8, 2014.  A Wednesday afternoon in Tokyo, Japan.

Doing the best we can with what we have.  Thank you ALL for your continued reading of this page.  Kudos to the folks that have read this far.

Social Experiment:  Sometime in 2014, PLEASE send a quick email to bward@MPIJ.us to let me know you have READ these words.

I thank you.

MPIJ thanks you.

The Cosmos of the Universe thank you, I believe.



June 20,  2016.  Eve of the longest day of the year……

Mission for 2016:  Opening the new Classroom Space on Yamate Dori, near Nakameguro Station.  Please stay tuned.

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