Falltime – 2011 Welcome To The NEW School Year


Good Ole MPIJ.

Officially Launched in late ’08 (December 2008, truth-be-typed.)

February 14, 2009 – A HEART-FELT Outdoor Launching Gathering at a German venue near Aoyama Itchome Station.  Prosit.  AND Danke.

Academic School Year 2009 – 2010.  Cruising.  Full-time.  Happy Students.   Happy Parents.

Academic School Year 2010 – 2011.  Cruising along, with some choppy waves and gusts from a variety of directions

Academic School Year 2011 – 2012.  MPIJ is alive and well, moving along on a PART-TIME basis.

And you?

Yes, YOU.

The person that is reading these words……

Please reach-out and contact one of the folks working at MPIJ.

I/WE  are patiently waiting for your communication to be sent to my/our Electronic In-Box:


Or, perhaps when you have GUTS, there is an upcoming a phone call:  090.9349.2058

Heck, I am going to wait UNTIL I hear from you.

Yes, YOU.

Over and out/Love,

Bill Ward


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